Road Barriers and Water Storage Tank

UNIPLAST has been considered as one of the leading manufacturer of Rotomolded Products in Qatar. We’ve been using the best machines which are used in making different kinds of moulds to meet the market demands.

The machineries which are used in manufacturing our products such as Polyethylene Water Tanks, Road Barriers and tank accessories are specially made and designed to make the process of production easily.

We assure that all of UNIPLAST products are made of High Quality Materials which gives all our products a UV resistance, durability and an ability to stand all the different weather conditions.

UNIPLAST Barriers are manufactured using tough molded UV stabilized Polyethylene. They are easy to carry, transport, stack, store and put together. One person can easily move an empty barrier into position. The simple molded male-female pin system allows road barriers to be tightly interlocked for extra strength. UNIPLAST barriers can be filled with water for extra weight and firmness.


Road Barriers Applications:


1. Car Parking.
2. Roads Closure
3. Roads Diversions.
4. Pedestrian Control.
5. Construction/Building sites.
6. Concerts, Galas and Sports Events.




Length 2000 mm
Base Width 600 mm
Total Height 800 mm
Water Filling Capacity 300 Liters


Water Storage Tank


Tanks are molded from UV stabilized and are made of food 100% grade polyethylene in 3 layers. UNIPLAST Tanks Specifications:


UNIPLAST Tanks Specifications:

1. Easy to handle & install
2. Prevent the growth of bacteria, algae and fungus.
3. Does not damage even if it is directly exposed to sunlight.
4. Lightweight with an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio.
5. The versatility of the tank allows it to be installed indoor, outdoor, on the roof and aboveground.
6. Easy to lift with molded lifting lugs for installing the tank
7. Models for saving the transportation cost
8. Available in capacity in 200 Liters to 2000 Liters


SL NO.Capacity ( Liters)Values

1 100 32
2 200 33
3 400 36
4 800 40
5 750 52
6 1000 52
7 1500 55
8 2000 66