Shopping Bags

Plastic bags are popular and effective way to present visible message. UNIPLAST manufactures both printed and plain plastic bags. Our bags are made under a strict supervisory production model that allows us to eliminate production errors such as thickness variation, uneven length, sealing mishaps and printing problems. Applications ca fit any type of packaging and labeling needs.

With use of our new extruders, printing and cutting machines, we can confer to you a wide variety and unique range of shopping bags. Our highly experienced Art Department personnel can add any color and design according to customer’s specifications. We furnish shopping bags in six different colors and a variety of handles to choose from. Out bags come in LDPE, HDFE Polypropylene of Co-extrusion films.

1 SMALL 2000
2 MEDIUM 2000
3 LARGE 1000

We can manufacture sizes as per customer requirement also.



Disposing of waste is one of the main problems of our society now-a-days. We throw a lot of things from paper, fruits peelings and the likes without a cause. We need to be more cautions in doing this because when time comes we will be the one to suffer first.

Our disposal bags are widely used in hotels, hospital and industrial organizations. You can find most garbage / Trash bags on wholesale and retail outlets. Assurance of quality for us is always must. Our products comes-in three different types:

High Density, Low Density and Co-Extrusion Film.

We always guarantee its very high in strength which technically means pierce- resistant with optimum tear, burst and impact strength.



The garden and nursery bags are generally black in color. They are available in different sizes with a few holes for water. These bags are used in nurseries to keep plant saplings.